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The Introduction of Pine Rock Golf Club
Located in the center of the renowned Beidaihe tourist destination in the Bohai bay, Pine Rock Golf Club offers a full range of award winning golf facilities and delivers top standard service experience, and has been the venue for various large commercial events and tournaments since its opening in July 2013. 

Pine Rock is designed and fully managed by the global leader in sports, media and entertainment—IMG, which has a global reputation in golf course design, development and management for decades. By taking a leading role in the course design, construction management and operation management of Pine Rock, IMG delivers this world class championship golf course that gradually becomes the new benchmark in north China.
In 1920, the Young Marshal Zhang Xueliang set up the first Chinese golf team-Hanqing golf team, The first 18+1 golf course (the original Pine Rock Golf Course design) was built in 1929. In order to restore the historical heritage of 18+1 hole. IMG designers combined original topography features to create this hole as a feature hole. The Green is surrounded by steep rocks and lake, although only 137 yards long, it requires great precision.