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2016/8/18 16:40:26

Judges from Asia Top 100 Golf Courses  arrived at Pine Rock Golf Club for their 55th on site evaluation on August 18, 2016.

亚洲百佳球场评选组委会秘书长李太迎;云高高尔夫创始人CEO张曜晖;云高高尔夫联合创始人COO李昂;百+俱乐部会员、凯联资本董事张鸿康;华臻国际董事长廖一臻;原CCTV5 高尔夫制片人潘勇;高尔夫印记创始人李一川;北京公开赛秘书长高伟;大韩体育中国区副会长朴烦焕;等9名评委参与了本次测评。  

松石团队欢迎评委团的到来,并引领评委团参观球会会所以及美术馆等。Evaluation team was given  a tour of the facilities including the  Pine Rock art gallery.

经过一上午倾盆大雨,评委们在下午下场时全场已无积水,相当棒,下午果岭速度也达到了9.5 !
Despite a heavy downpour the judges completed their rounds,  they were all surprised with the great drainage system with no water ponding issues whatsoever and the greens still running at 9.5!

Brilliant comments from Mr. Zhao Dongping (Founder of 100+ club): I played at Pine Rock last September and it left a great impression on me, Pine Rock is not a long course and the fairways are not narrow which create seemingly little pressure to golfers for the first drive, but the ups and downs of green and the continuous fast green speed (10+ 90% of the season) do provide more difficulties. A good short game is essential to score well at Pine Rock.

Necessities of being a top golf course: Natural features, Historical background and incomparable course maintenance! Pine Rock owns all !-----Mr. Li Taiying (CEO of Ali Golf )

Pine Rock would like to thank all judges for their valuable comments and praises during the visit; we will continue to strive for excellence, high quality service and to give each player a memorable experience!

Stay tuned for exciting news on where Pine Rock sits within the top 100 courses in Asia!